Recertification Process

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The Recertification is a very simple process if you read the instructions carefully and follow them. To start open the ASQ Recertification Journal to obtain the latest documentation and online application form.

Read carefully the instructions for every section you want to claim Recertification Units (RU’s) paying special attention to the DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED. You do not need to make a management presentation binder or any fancy document. ASQ headquarters will never see them and the Recertification Chair does not need them. What counts is the correct supporting documentation. Therefore you do not need to send originals except for the Letter of Employment.

You need only 18 RU’s to recertify. You do not have to list everything you did during the last 3 years. Once the Recertification Chair identifies the required 18 points the rest is disregarded, so do not waste any time. If your claims add to a couple of points above 18 that is fine, there is no problem.

Now for specific items.

1 – For Professional Development and Student credits the easiest document is a certificate of completion with your name and the number of CEU’s granted or the number of hours the course or conference took.

If the certificate does not show them you need to include an agenda for the course or meeting showing the hours.

If you do not have a certificate then you need a letter of completion from the sponsor of the course or conference plus a description of the event and the agenda.

Company expense reports and car rental receipts are irrelevant and they do not count; do not send them, please.

A company educational transcript will be acceptable if it identifies clearly the courses you are claiming, that they were completed satisfactorily, and states the date and number of hours.

2 – For Employment a LETTER in company letterhead is required. It may come from HR or your immediate manager. Business cards are not relevant at all and they do not count.

3 – For Instructor is very important to understand that if this is part of your job responsibility it does not count. You are already receiving RU’s for Employment. Read the instructions very carefully to verify that your teaching qualifies for RU’s under this category.

4 – For Meetings the easiest way to document is to collect the attendance slips that are provided when you register. You may send them or their copies as proof of attendance.

Otherwise you will have to get copies of the attendance roster from the attendance chair of the organization.

5 –For Committees the training you received to be an examiner qualifies for Student credit and if you received a certificate stating the CEU’s that is sufficient documentation.

For the work done as an examiner all you can get is 1.5 RU’s per year as a member of the Committee of Examiners and you need a letter of the organization stating that you were an examiner.

For any committee work that you claim you need a letter or certificate of the organization stating your tenure and position.

6 – For Certifications all what you need is a copy of the certificate of the new certification.

7 – For Proctoring you need a copy of the letter ASQ sends you granting the CEU’s or RU’s.

8 – For Electronic Media and Publishing make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Remember that is YOUR responsibility to provide all the supporting documentation on a clear and organized fashion. The Application provides the pages to list all items that you are claiming. Please use them to expedite the Recertification Chair/Section Examining Chair process. And the most important things: DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN THE APPLICATION at the bottom besides signing for the credit card authorization if you are using it or enclosing a check made to ASQ.