Education Fee Rebate

 ASQ Austin Section Rebate Program for Students of Our Certification Courses


As an incentive to renew and continue your section membership, you can apply for a rebate of $50 upon renewal of your membership in ASQ and the Austin section.  This rebate only applies to your first renewal after having taken any ASQ certification course offered through Austin Community College.  After receiving your receipt for renewal from ASQ, send a copy of the receipt and the completed form to the section certification chair’s attention using the return instructions on the form on this website. The certification chair will approve the form upon confirming your renewal and send it to our treasurer with a check request for $50.  Once processed, the certification chair will return the $50 check to you or (if you choose), give it to you at one of our monthly membership meetings.  Either way, the $50 is yours as our way of saying thanks for taking our course and thanks for renewing your membership in ASQ and your Austin section.  Some limitations apply.

 Certification Course Rebate Requirements

  1. The applicant must be an ASQ member in good standing and a member of the section by the final date of the applicable course.

  2. The rebate is only available upon the first membership and section renewal after having taken the course.

  3. Only one rebate is allowed for any membership renewal.

  4. The applicant must apply for a rebate using the available form.

This offer may be changed or revoked at any time without notice.