Certification Recipients

An ASQ Certification is a significant milestone in the career of any Quality Professional. If you happen to know any of these people, you might want to drop them a note to congratulate them on their recent achievement!

June 2016 Recipients

Certified Calibration Technician Richard Lacey
Certified Quality Auditor James Eldridge
Kat McCarty
Justin McElroy
Richard Sanders
Eutiquio Torres
Kinjal Vyas
Certified Quality Engineer Zack Mai
David Thompson
Leary Walker
Certified Quality Improvement Associate Johanna Arias
Veena Viswanathan
Certified Quality Process Analyst Falguni Sampat
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Hooman Baghaei Anaraki
Glenn James
Frederick Ogah
Courtney Stebbins
Richard Van Hyning

March 2016 Recipients

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

  • Rebecca Brooks
  • Angela Gonzalez
  • Howard Holland
  • Meradith Moreira
  • Raymond Oakley
  • Stephen Potts
  • Jeanette Selden

Certified Quality Technician

  • William Null

Certified Reliability Engineer

  • Anuj Patel

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Joel Drummond
  • Anita Worthington

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • Rosalyn Thomas


            Certtificate     2015 Recipients
1  Certified   Quality Auditor  Michael Bell
2  Certified   Quality Auditor  Kashandra Briggs
3  Certified   Quality Auditor  Cathleen Cruz
4  Certified   Quality Auditor  Joseph Ehardt
5  Certified   Quality Auditor  Cory Handy
6  Certified   Quality Auditor  Sterling Hodge
7  Certified   Quality Auditor  Andre Horton
8  Certified   Quality Auditor  Jennifer Mertz
9  Certified   Quality Auditor  Gary Morgan
10  Certified   Quality Auditor  Brenda Rodriguez
11  Certified   Quality Auditor  Krista Scalf
12  Certified   Quality Auditor  Edward Szostak
13  Certified   Quality Auditor  Johnnie Vaughn
14  Certified   Quality Auditor  Wayne Whyte
1  Certified   Quality Engineer  Jack Hartnett
2  Certified   Quality Engineer  Justin McElroy
3  Certified   Quality Engineer  Michael Miller
4  Certified   Quality Engineer  Molly Rodgers
5  Certified   Quality Engineer  Wenyan Shen
1  Certified   Quality Improvement Associate  Steve Manley
1  Certified   Quality Process Analyst  Francisca Arana
1  Certified   Six Sigma Green Belt  Burleigh Custis
2  Certified   Six Sigma Green Belt  Andrew Goodman
3  Certified   Six Sigma Green Belt  Steven Iezzi
4  Certified   Six Sigma Green Belt  Sneha Johnson
5  Certified   Six Sigma Green Belt  Charles Lien