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Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) (ACC course QCTC-1005) ACC Course Link (CSSGB) Brian Mitchell Y Online Jan 22 – May 19


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Call for Candidates

Call for Candidates

ASQ Austin Section 1414 Elected Officers


 This message is going out to all ASQ Austin Section 1414 members.  If you know of an individual who would serve ASQ Austin well in the position of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer please submit names to Megan Oertel, Secretary, via e-mail at megan.oertel@asqaustin.org by August 17th.  Eligible individuals must be Regular Members of the Society and have a membership with ASQ Austin Section 1414.

Open Position Duties:

Chair:                   The Chair provides leadership and oversight to the member unit, prepares meeting agendas, and is the presiding officer.

Vice Chair:           The Vice Chair performs duties as directed by the Chair in support of the organization’s mission and goals. This position does not succeed to the position of Chair following the end of the first term.

Secretary:            The Secretary documents member unit business and maintain the records. This position serves as the official correspondent of the member unit.

Treasurer:           The Treasurer oversees funds, maintains accurate financial records, and reports on financial condition as directed by the Society bylaws and policies and procedures.

Those names submitted shall then be reviewed by the Nominations Committee for consideration on its slate of eligible candidates for the 2016 calendar year.

A petition for nominations will later be offered during the August time period followed by the Nominations Committee announcement on its slate of candidates.  Elections will then be conducted with the membership if necessary in September.


For any questions concerning this nomination process please contact Eva Esparza

( eva.esparza@asqaustin.org )

Free Resources from Forrest Breyfogle at Smarter Solutions

Mr. Forrest Breyfogle from Smarter Solutions, has graciously shared the following resources for the benefit of all ASQ Austin members!.  Access to over 300 FREE articles, videos, podcasts, and recorded webinars is available through the following links.  Practitioners and management can gain much from this information.

  1. Forrest’s favorites challenges the norms and offers enhanced approaches; e.g., control charting and process capability statements: https://www.smartersolutions.com/resources/forrest-favorites/
  2. 10 application examples convert traditional scorecards/dashboards (that only examines the past) to predictive measurements: https://www.smartersolutions.com/business-system-iee/iee-enterprise-process-management/performance-measurement-system/
  3. Over 250 articles, recorded webinars, podcasts, and videos on performance measurement, strategy creation, and Lean Six Sigma process improvement: https://www.smartersolutions.com/resources/articles/

Certification Recipients – Past

December 2012

  • Certified Calibration Technician: Tony Bruno
  • Certified Quality Auditor: Molly Isbell, Raji C. Johnson, James Johnstone, Carlos Leitao, Tracy L. Nichols, Laura Swan, Diane M Velleca
  • Certified Quality Engineer: Carlos Acevedo, Noel Durrant, Jeffrey L. Montigny, Daniel Siegfried
  • Certified Quality Improvement Associate: Philip B. Burkes,Bob Piltaver,Karen Tran
  • Certified Green Belt: Susan Brown, Regan Davis, Adam Frackowiak, Valerie J. Iannuccilli, Arjun Kandhari, Kevin Kishimoto, Kei Kobayashi, Jeffrey S. Lee, Caitlin Locke, Nicholas Miller, Leslie S. Pazan, Jonathan Rosen, Graham Smith

October 2012

  • Certified Quality Manager: Samir Ray
  • Certified Quality Inspector: Glenn David Dubcak
  • Certified QualityTechnician: Daniel Desmit
  • Reliability Engineer: George Hansen, Byron Radle
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt: Daphne Gilbert, Carlos Lyons, Patrick Neal McLaughin, Megan Oertel, Thomas Rawlings, Amandeep Saluja, Kevin Smith, Liming Wang

June 2012

  • Certified Quality Auditor: Martin Delgado, Dale Morris, Rebecca Scoggins, Edward M. Szostak
  • Certified Calibration Technician: Troy Bowling
  • Certified Quality Engineer: Richard Fawkes, Clifton Andrew Fisher, Jimmy Harville, Molly Isbell, James Johnstone, Dhaval Limdi, Raymond Oakley, Chris Roth, John Williams
  • Certified Quality Improvement Associate: Roy Allen, Robert Baker , Edward Escamilla, Golapa Ganti, Gregory Harrington, Andre Horton, Shannon Jones, Caitilin Locke, Shruti Mengi, Nadja Prcic, Carlos Rivera, Stephen Tavitas, Jim Velchoff, John Williams, Stephen Jones
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt: Heidii Hinton, Brian Kupke, Calvin McGinty, John Melson, Amandeep Saluja
  • Certified Software Quality Engineer: Susan Davis, Jim Reinhardt

March 2012

  • Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence: Barry Conner
  • Certified Quality Inspector: Khosrow Razavi Maleki,
  • Certified Quality Technician: Nicole Henry, Amanda Jimenez
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt: Jared Benedict, Bill Brennan, Ken Henderson, James Johnstone, Bryan D Pike, Joshua D. Smith, Lianf Hao Zhao

December 2011

  • Certified Quality Auditor: Troy Bowling, Todd Brown, Travis Piccolin, Terry Schmidt, Liming Wang
  • Certified Quality Improvement Associate: Mike Wedgworth
  • Certified Quality Process Analyst: Jason Mitchael
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt: Vikram Gaonkar

June 2011

  • Certified Quality Auditor: Robert W. Bird, Fernando Castillo Jr., Amber R. Combs, Heidii J. Hinton, Stephanie S. Reed, Tracy Whisman
  • Certified Quality Engineer: Richard Allen, Mark Farley, Joe Ketchum, Michael J. Merritt, Jim Reinhardt, Liming Wang
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt: John Mcpherson

March 2011

  • Certified Quality Inspector: Tony Bruno
  • Certified HACCP Auditor: Fernando Castillo Jr.
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt: Steven R. Anderson, Daniel Ashton, Mark Farley, Jason Harris, Kendall Holt, David E. London, Clinton C. Meyer, Frank Smith, Bradley E. Sundahl, Herman Toeante, John Williams
  • Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence: Kelly Villalba

October 2010

  • Certified Biomedical Auditor: Mike Honea
  • Certified Quality Inspector: Alan Dean Fogle
  • Certified Quality Technician: Felix O. Urbina
  • Certified Reliability Engineer: Kristopher Jack Moffatt
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt: Barry A. Bogen, David Cooper, Terrence L. Dabbs, Anthony Gutierrez, Don Harville, Andreas Hennen, Richard Holland, Chris H. Lansford, Anna C. Lilleboe, Stuart Litwin, Janis L. Livingston, Dale Morris, Alfredo Mycue, James Nelson, Shane Patience, Nabil R. Yazdani, and Bradley Yellitz

June 2010

  • Certified Quality Auditor: Donald B. Gage, Jeffrey G. Gunter, Vicki L. King, Sunil Mohite, Larry Odom, Juan V. Sanchez, Ed C. Sharp III
  • Certified Quality Engineer: Oronde Armstrong, Stephanie M. Bodziony, Tony Bruno, Kenny Burrow, Keith Justin Hansen, Shrikant Kalegaonkar, Angelica Ledesma, Kristopher Jack Moffatt, Shane Patience, Certified Quality Improvement Associate, and Susan Womack
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt: Marlowe R. Davis, Christopher M. Dickson, Ovide Fortier, Andreas Hennen, Sean Zongker
  • Certified Software Quality Engineer: Sonya L. Etheridge, Dan C. Hillsman, Cynthia B. Keohane, Megan J. Konizer, Jillayne G. Magness, Kevin P. Patureau, Sandra E. Pettipiece, Lisa J. Railsback, Suzanne Rubel, Timothy P. Stanley, Tony C. Tharp, Sandra A. Thomas, and Larry E. Westberry