QC Inspector/Engineer – Manufacturing – Austin

About Pro QC International:

Pro QC International has over 30 years of experience providing quality control and engineering solutions in over 38 countries. Whether we’re testing products, auditing suppliers, inspecting shipments or managing rework/sort projects, our skilled team of QA professionals represents the quality interests of our clients at factories worldwide.

QC Inspector/Engineer Primary Responsibilities:

• Conducts quality control inspections of in-process and pre-shipment products at local facilities.
• Inspection duties include, but are not limited to: visual (workmanship) evaluation, functional testing as applicable (measurements, assembly, etc.), packaging & labeling verification, etc.
• Provides timely, detailed reports and photographic evidence of product, packaging, labeling, defects noted, etc.

QC Inspector/Engineer Skills/Experience Requirements:

• Experience as a quality inspector, or applicable manufacturing experience in specified industries (CQE preferred)
• Experience with ANSI Z1.4 sample size determination and AQLs (training available)
• Ability to lift at least 20lbs as necessary
• Must be able to use MS Word and Excel to submit documents and reports within the time specified (usually within 24 hours after job completion)
• Ability to work well in independent and group problem-solving situations
• Ability to maintain a positive, professional disposition when adapting to occasional disruptions and unexpected events
• Flexibility in scheduling


• Hourly rates vary depending on experience and assigned shifts.
• QC inspections vary in time requirements, with one to two days per inspection for the general time required.
• Projects are either part-time or full-time 1099 contract work

Pro QC has over thirty years of experience as an international third-party quality consulting and engineering solutions organization. With operations in over 38 countries, our services include but are not limited to QC inspections, product testing, corrective action, and supplier audits (ISO/TS 16949, SA8000, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, etc).

Pro QC is currently seeking qualified local quality contractors to represent our clients at their local contract manufacturing locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

• Flexible schedule.
• Experience as a quality auditor, engineer, and/or inspector.
• Inspectors: BS in mechanical or electrical engineering or CQE/CQI preferred.
• Auditors: CQA or ISO 9001 experience preferred.
• Ability to prepare and submit electronic reports, including digital photos.

Pro QC provides a competitive hourly rate for 1099 contractors. The rate depends on the project and service required. Contractors are compensated for time on-site and travel time. Mileage is reimbursed at the standard IRS rate.
Learn more about Pro QC International on our website at www.proqc.com. Whether we’re testing products, auditing suppliers, inspecting shipments or managing corrective actions, our skilled team of QA professionals represents the quality interests of our clients at factories worldwide.

Voltabox Quality Technician

Please contact Sarah Vega, Quality Manager regarding this opportunity.

Voltabox of Texas, Inc.
1500 Volta Drive
Leander, Texas 78641
Fax: +1 512-814-3710
Mobile: +1 512-902-7574
eMail: sarah.vega@voltabox.com
Internet: www.voltabox.com


Title:               Quality Technician

Supervisor:    Quality Manager

Location:        Voltabox of Texas, Inc. / Worldwide

Time model: Full time




The Quality Technician assists the Quality Manager in implementing and maintaining systems to measure and control quality in the manufacturing process. This includes tests and inspections of the incoming and manufactured goods to ensure a high-quality of customer satisfaction. He/She prepares inspection plans and instructions, selects sampling plans and measuring equipment and prepares procedures. He/She is responsible for the Measurement and Test Equipment Management.


The Quality Technician will lead the sampling process with vendors including documentation and will support process and quality improvements, perform internal audits and sustain the overall quality communications within assigned areas of the organization.




  • Organize and carry out the incoming, in-process and final inspections
  • Develop inspection procedures and support development of quality assurance strategies, processes, guidelines and control plans
  • Ensures that the product is built in accordance to stated specifications
  • Analyze and solve quality problems on the shop floor
  • Run internal audits
  • In charge of the Measurement and Test Equipment Management
  • Lead the vendor sampling process
  • Apply fundamental statistical methods for process control
  • Monitor quality of incoming and manufactured parts and drive corrective action, as necessary
  • Prepare reports and documentation
  • Participate in LEAN initiatives
  • Working with High Voltage Electronics
  • Monitor and identify opportunities to improve the quality system



Skills and Specifications

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Has performed quality inspections and audits in an ISO compliant manufacturing environment (ISO 9001 and/or IATF 16949 preferred)
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Must have basic knowledge of Quality and Six Sigma tools (like PDCA, Fishbone, 5 Why’s, Kanban, 5S, etc.)
  • Knowledge of automotive tools a plus (8D problem solving, FMEA, MSA, etc.)
  • Ability to read and understand technical instructions and technical production drawings (working knowledge of GD&T)
  • Must have a strong knowledge of basic mathematical operations and perform measurement conversions; be able to solve for x; add and subtract degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  • Basic experience in Measurement and Test Equipment Management and calibration a plus
  • Understanding of project management
  • Excellent work attendance record
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills



Education and Qualifications

  • High-school diploma or GED
  • Quality Certifications (CQT, CQI or equivalent)
  • Electronic Technical Certification or equivalent experience preferred
  • High Voltage Certification preferred