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2010-10-13: With the Best of Intentions …

Robert K. Henderson, MS and PhD degrees in Mathematical Statistics from Southern Methodist University and MBA from the University of Delaware, hold a session talking about that we have all probably experienced a situation where we did what we fully believed was the most appropriate thing to do only to have it later revealed to […]

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2010-09-08: “Lean Six Sigma: Beyond the Project to a Business Management System”

Forrest Breyfogle, CEO and President of Smarter Solutions, Inc, ASQ Fellow, and author if 11 books, including a 4-book series on the Integrated Enterprise Excellence System (i.e., going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard) conducted the presentation “Lean Six Sigma: Beyond the Project to a Business Management System.” This session was a very […]

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2010-05-15: 2009 – 2010 Awards Dinner

ASQ Austin is a very dynamic section with very committed members to achieve excellence. During this event at County Lane on the Hills, ASQ Austin had the opportunity to award all those people that had made a contribution to the section as well as delivering the Flories and Team 2000 scholarships. 05.15.2010

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