2010-12-08: Holiday Dinner Meeting

at Marie Calender’s 

  • 5:30 – 6:30 pm – Networking Time
  • 6:30 – 6:45 pm – Announcements
  • 6:45 – 7:45 pm – Dinner
  • 7:45 – 8:00 pm – Door Prizes

This is a great opportunity to network with your fellow Quality professionals from around the Austin area.  Cost is $10.00 per plate payable at the door, (cash or check).  Indicate your meal option when you RSVP.


  1. Callender’s Fish & Chips
  2. Freshly Roasted Turkey
  3. Home Style Meatloaf

  1. Red Sauce on Pasta with Vegetables
  2. White Sauce on Paste with Vegetables
  3. Soup & Salad

RVSPs are to be made with Stephanie Reed via e-mail at Stephanie.Reed@asqaustin.org by no later than Friday, December 3rd.

2010-11-10: The Value of Design Control: Evolving from “Have To” to “Want To”

Julie Thomas Presentation

Julie Thomas presented “The Value of Design Control: Evolving from “Have To” to “Want To”. On this engaging talk, Ms. Thomas went through the requirements for new product introductions within the medical device industry as defined by the FDA. It was a good presentation that included some slides with examples. On the closing Julie presented the “Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Want To Engage In Design Control”, listed below:

10. Keeps you in regulatory compliance.
9.   Potentially reduces design cost.
8.   Potentially reduces design time.
7.   Enables better change control.
6.   Enables faster clearance / approval.
5.   Decreases likelihood of rework/redesign.
4.   Decrease adverse events.
3.   Decreases complaints.
2.   Instills pride in making quality products.
1.   Increases revenue potential which increases job security, raises the chance to receive a bonus, could lead to a bigger bonus, and increases stock price.

2010-12-04: Galveston, Texas – ASQ Holiday Event

Member leaders from the Greater Houston Section 1405 and Bay Area Texas Section 1422 would like to invite you, members from nearby ASQ Sections, to a holiday gathering on Saturday, December 4, 2010, in Galveston, Texas. The 2010 Holiday at Galveston flyer contains all of the details. The 1405 and 1422 member leaders have planned an outstanding dinner meal and speaker along with plenty of social time for visiting with everyone. As the Galveston Dickens on the Strand event is also scheduled for the same weekend, we are honored that the San Luis Resort beachfront property is offering us such a great rate at their prestigious hotel located on Galveston Island. As Dickens on the Strand is a popular event, please make your reservations early.

Please consider joining your fellow ASQ members in Galveston Texas for an enjoyable and memorable weekend. And don’t forget to bring a new, unwrapped gift for donation to Toys for Tots

Posted: 10.26.2010

2010-10-13: With the Best of Intentions …

Dr. Robert K. Henderson

Robert K. Henderson, MS and PhD degrees in Mathematical Statistics from Southern Methodist University and MBA from the University of Delaware, hold a session talking about that we have all probably experienced a situation where we did what we fully believed was the most appropriate thing to do only to have it later revealed to us that perhaps it was not quite on the mark. Despite our best intentions for our initial actions, the results were less than expected or desired. This talk discussed several scenarios with situations involving the establishment of systems or approaches to manage product quality within manufacturing organizations, with emphasis in the incorrect use of statistical process control (SPC) while management was thinking the customized SPC was helping them to be a better run company. Attendants found that presentation very exciting and eye opening.

A copy of Dr. Henderson’s presentation can be found here:  With the Best of Intentions …

October 13, 2010

2010-09-08: “Lean Six Sigma: Beyond the Project to a Business Management System”

Forrest Breyfogle
Forrest Breyfogle

Forrest Breyfogle, CEO and President of Smarter Solutions, Inc, ASQ Fellow, and author if 11 books, including a 4-book series on the Integrated Enterprise Excellence System (i.e., going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard) conducted the presentation “Lean Six Sigma: Beyond the Project to a Business Management System.” This session was a very engaging activity that captured the attention of a large group of Quality professionals that attended to this meeting. The reviews of this talk were all very positive. The material used for this presentation can be found at the Smarter Solutions website


2010-05-15: 2009 – 2010 Awards Dinner

2009-2010 ASQ Austin Awards Meeting
2009-2010 ASQ Austin Awards Meeting

ASQ Austin is a very dynamic section with very committed members to achieve excellence. During this event at County Lane on the Hills, ASQ Austin had the opportunity to award all those people that had made a contribution to the section as well as delivering the Flories and Team 2000 scholarships.