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Free Statistics Division Webinar: A Structured 10-Step EDA Methodology for the Sensitivity Analysis of 2-level Orthogonal Fractional Factorial Designs – November 7, 2018 at 12:00PM Eastern Time


Join the Statistics Division on Wednesday, November 7th at 12:00PM Eastern for a webinar to be given by James Filliben

The webinar focuses on two tools which have proven to be important in attacking a variety of problems in a scientific/engineering/industrial environment: 1) 2-level orthogonal fractional factorial designs, and 2) exploratory data analysis visualization techniques. A primary responsibility for the statistician in any problem-solving exercise is to deliver insight and understanding into underlying process mechanics—in practice, this frequently begins with a determination and appreciation as to what factors and interactions drive a system, and how such factors can be optimized.


To this end, the design-side orthogonal fractionals provide a powerful and efficient starting point to yield data with the capacity to reveal underlying structure. On the analysis side, we present a battery of 10 complementary EDA graphics tools which completes the problem-solving process by systematically exploring salient facets of the data, and then reinforcing the validity of resulting conclusions by assuring their robustness over multiple methods.  Our webinar discusses the focus, construction, and interpretation of each of these 10 visualization tools, and demonstrates their collective utility by application to a variety of real-world problems.


Online reservation for this webinar is not yet available, so to reserve your seat, please email Adam Pintar (adam.pintar@nist.gov).