What If Change Was Easy? Free Webinar 11/12/18 11AM CST

What If Change Was Easy?

Change is inevitable. We may respond with excitement, indifference, or fear. Effective leaders recognize and respond to the potential effects of organizational change. They view improvements through the lens of the system, processes, and people. Sustainable improvements rarely take hold without everyone understanding and embracing change. This session explores change, not as an obstacle to success, but as an opportunity to improve one step at a time, consistently, over time.

Speaker Bio:

Kathryn LeRoy helps individuals and organizations be and become their best. She brings a passion for innovation and excellence to every facet of her work. Kathryn focuses on leadership development to support embracing quality and the value of change as a critical component of continuous improvement. Her expertise and experience include executive coaching, strategic planning, leadership development, process management, benchmarking, performance measurement, and organizational assessments. Kathryn holds a Ph.D. in Educational Management and is an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence.

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Date: 11/12/18

Time: 11AM – Noon CST

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