August 2017 Message from the Section Chair

Message from the ASQ Austin Section Chair:

Have you ever thought about becoming an American Society of Quality Member Leader?

Three good reasons to consider it are:

  1. Networking possibilities
  2. Developing your leadership skills
  3. Providing a service to your professional community

In my tenure with ASQ, I have met many interesting and influential people who helped me enhance my leadership and problem solving skills and connected me to opportunities that I would have never been able to access as easily without the contacts I made through ASQ. Why not make your own career go and grow as an ASQ Member Leader?

Leading a volunteer team is different than leading a paid team. Communication skills are vital because you have no central meeting place you go to every day. Creating a compelling vision that aligns your team and developing a strategy to carry it out is instructive and invigorating.  ASQ member leaders have the opportunity to define and execute their own projects in a supportive environment with low risk to their careers. By demonstrating and developing your leadership skills as an ASQ member leader you become more marketable in the job market and can command a higher level of pay.

Providing value to your fellow professionals as an ASQ member leader is something you can be proud of, and, it identifies you as someone with a passion for quality and a commitment to helping others. Many committee chairs like this aspect so much, they come back year after year to make a contribution to the advancement of their profession. Along the way, they earn Recertification Units for their work.

Our ASQ section has 20 elected and appointed leadership positions and 5 to 7 of them turnover every year. We can always use help, but August is a good time to put your name in the hat because that is when we start the nomination process for the following year’s officers and learn which committee chairs will be returning.

Take a look at our ASQ Austin Committees web page to find which committee you want to work with and volunteer so you can get to know the current section leadership and ASQ operating policies. Contact our Membership Chair, Shoshana Bokelman, at to get started.  From there, continue learning and contributing and go as far as you want to take it.

As your section Chair, I have found working with new people who bring new questions, ideas, and energy to be one of the best parts of my job. I encourage you to join the ASQ member leader team and make your ideas a reality.

Jim Johnstone

Chairman, ASQ Austin Section 1414