Austin Quality Conference – (11/06/15)



November 6, 2015  8:00 am – 5:00 pm    Conference Agenda

Austin Evening

Crowne Plaza Hotel
6121 North IH 35  Austin, Texas

Take a journey in excellence listening and learning about the latest in Quality with topics including Leadership, Malcolm Baldrige, ISO 9000:2015, FDA Inspections and Healthcare


Adil  Dalal


Title: Sensei Leadership™: A Legacy Driven Leadership™

Sensei leadership™ goes beyond the traditional autocratic, democratic, transactional, transformational, servant, authentic and other models of leadership and provides a practical and demonstrable shift in being a truly successful leader leading teams and organizations to a new level of success. This will be an inspirational, life and career altering topic which will provide an individual with a step by-step formula to escape from the bondage of a managerial mind-set and soar to the pinnacle of leadership excellence.Bio: Adil Dalal is the CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl®, LLC; past-Chair of ASQ’s Human Development & Leadership division; and Co-founder and Chairman of the Board for Patriots4Our Heroes, a non-profit serving veterans with PTS and TBI. Adil is also a distinguished global keynote speaker and an award-winning author and the recipient of “2014 Global Award for Outstanding contribution to Quality & Leadership”.  He is the host of See2B radio show and has been also been featured in numerous radio and TV interviews.

Dave ThomsenDave_StDavids_1

Title: St. David’s HealthCare: 2014 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient

St. David’s HealthCare: 2014 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient
Dave Thomsen, Vice President of Quality, will present on St. David’s Healthcare’s journey to receiving the 2014 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award. It was one of only four organizations in the nation, and the first healthcare system in the state of Texas to receive the award. St. David’s HealthCare is a $4-billion, six-hospital healthcare system, with more than 90 locations throughout Central Texas, employing more than 8,100 associates and supported by more than 2,000 medical staff members.Bio: Dave Thomsen oversees all aspects of quality for the St. David’s HealthCare system as well as two hospitals in El Paso as the division Vice President of Quality for HCA’s Central and West Texas Division. He has served as an examiner, team leader and as a member of the Board of Directors for Quality Texas over the past 10 years and has served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for three years.

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson

Title: Current Trends in FDA Inspections

This presentation examines the Quality System Inspection Technique (QSIT) method and current trends in FDA inspections to assist medical device manufacturers prepare for their own FDA inspections. Industry practice is driving changes to FDA inspections and causing the 15 year old (QSIT) inspection methodology to vary by district. Wilson will touch upon methods to prepare for FDA inspections to facilitate a non-confrontational approach and to minimize the overall time that the FDA is onsite.Bio: Anne Wilson combines more than 25 years of biomedical engineering with business acumen as founder and CEO of QA Consulting, Inc. Under her guidance, QA Consulting has grown from a local Austin-based firm, founded in 2000, to one of the leading HUB and WBENC-certified medical device consulting firms with clients throughout the nation. She is an expert in every phase of quality assurance from design concept and R&D through manufacturing/ production, and post-market surveillance for Class I, II, and III medical devices. Anne has worked for Sulzer Carbomedics in Austin, TX; Ohmeda Monitoring in Louisville, CO; Cobe BCT, Inc., in Lakewood, CO; Fischer Imaging in Broomfield, CO; and LA BAC Medical Systems in Englewood, CO. She holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, and an MBA from the University of Colorado in Denver, CO.


Forrest W. Breyfogle III

forrest_breyfogle (2)

 Title: Enhancing Quality’s Role by Resolving Common Executive Management Issues

Attendees to this interactive session will learn how to enhance their organizational value by providing management direction for:

  • Creating predictive performance metrics that will lead to the most appropriate organizational behaviors and reduce the amount of firefighting that often occurs in organizations.
  • Providing a structural linkage between an organization’s performance report-outs and the processes that created these metrics.
  • Formulating targeted business-area strategies that will deliver the most big-picture benefit.
  • Identify and timely execute strategic improvement efforts that will benefit the enterprise as a whole.
  • Enhancing status-meeting report-outs so that there is increased value from these sessions with less invested resources.

Bio: Forrest Breyfogle is an ASQ Fellow and the CEO of Smarter Solutions. He has authored or co-authored over a dozen books.  His most recent book is The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System. Mr. Breyfogle was named Quality Professional of the Year for 2011 by Quality Magazine and in 2012 was awarded alumni of the year by Missouri University of Science and Technology. He also received the prestigious Crosby Medal from ASQ in 2004 for an earlier book, Implementing Six Sigma and was presented the Leadership Award at the 2013 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference.


Zachary Haines

speaker photo (Z Haines)

Title: Goodwill Central Texas – Operations, Outcomes, and Continuous Improvement

Zachary Haines, Vice President of Information Technology and Performance Excellence will present Goodwill Central Texas’ quality journey and its multi-faceted impact in our community. Goodwill is much more than a thrift store. In fact, Goodwill’s 31 stores are just one component of an $84M enterprise that in 2014 helped more than 3,600 Central Texans with barriers and disabilities find jobs, diverted more than $27M pounds from area landfills, and created over $247M of total economic impact in our community. Haines will discuss how Goodwill’s vision to Empower 100,000 Central Texans to transform their lives through work is sustained by operational excellence, continuous improvement, and a triple focus on people, profit, and planet.Bio: Zachary Haines founded the Performance Excellence Department at Goodwill Central Texas in 2008. This department is responsible for improvement efforts across all areas of the organization, strategic planning, data analysis, and benchmarking. Haines spearheaded adoption of the Baldrige criteria as a model for organizational improvement and helped the organization achieve the 2013 Texas Award for Performance Excellence. Zac has served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award since 2013. Haines also heads GCT’s Information Technology department, and is leading projects that ensure the organization’s operational efficiency and data security.


Cliff Norman


Title: Transforming Health Care Leadership – Building the Foundation of the Learning Organization using Strategic Intelligence and Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

The objectives of Cliff Norman’s presentation are:

  • Present a model for leaders that includes strategic intelligence, system of profound knowledge and methods for building the foundation of the learning organization.
  • Share how these leadership methods can be used to help a leadership team transform an organization.
  • Discuss the meaning of leading, the power of a leadership philosophy and creating the environment necessary for motivation.

Bio: Clifford L. Norman is a partner with Associates in Process Improvement (API). API develops methods and provides consulting, education and training to help organizations improve the value of their products and services. He is also an Improvement Advisor with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). He has led and worked in over 75 Black Belt Waves for an international technology company and with several Improvement Advisor workshops for healthcare. Cliff earned a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Los Angeles and a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science from California State University at Dominguez Hills. He is a member of the American Society for Quality, and is a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE).Cliff is the co-author of two books:

  • The Improvement Guide – A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance, 2nd Edition (2009)
  • TRANSFORMING HEALTH CARE LEADERSHIP – A Systems Guide to Improve Patient Care, Decrease Costs, and Improve Population Health; (2013) 


Mary McDonald

mary mcdonald street

Title: ISO 9001:2015 Changes
Management Commitment has now changed to Leadership; this will have a large impact on the level of involvement expected from top management.  Risk-based thinking now permeates the entire standard, and is touched upon in every clause.  These and other changes will require you to update your system to meet these requirements.  What are the initial steps you should take?  When is transition?  Where can you find information on these changes? This overview presentation will touch on the major changes and how your organization can start to implement.

Bio: Mary McDonald is a seasoned Quality/Environmental/Health and Safety professional with over 30 years’ experience in implementing Management Systems around the world.  Her involvement with the ISO standards groups, for both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ensures that she is not only aware of WHAT the changes are, but WHY those changes were made. She gives back to our profession through regular speaking engagements, volunteering as a MBNQA Examiner (3 times) and writing articles for inclusion in industry publications.


David Hughen

David Hughen

Title: The Non-Traditional Search: Building Your Brand

Work is fleeting — business and product cycles are shorter than ever — thus change is accelerating. The economic recovery over the past few years has been a cautious one for many companies, leading to a reluctance to add fixed costs in the form of hiring. This session is especially targeted to individuals who have plenty of work experience under their belt. That experience has value in the marketplace but….how can you position that value for future opportunities? Attendees may see themselves as under-employed, nervously employed or they may be currently unemployed. This presentation help attendees learn how to keep themselves business relevant and to think beyond the job of the moment.They will receive specific guidance on how to build their brand for the long-term and feel more in control of their professional future.Bio: As co-founder and principal for, David Hughen brings over 20 years experience driving creative HR strategies and solutions. He has the rare advantage of partnering with a number of early to mid-stage technology companies in a consulting capacity as well as leading human resource operations of prestigious companies in a variety of industries — such as semiconductors, internet and clean technology. He holds Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Human Resources and Organization Development from the University of San Francisco and holds a variety of professional certifications.