A Legacy Driven Life™ Wednesday, August 28, 2013 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT

Every human being is genetically engineered for success and has an immense potential for making a positive impact on this planet. However, for the potential to be realized, one needs a definite goal or purpose. A “legacy” provides the definite purpose to individuals and acts as a “north star” and a “lighthouse”, keeping us on a steady path through the ups and downs of life. Leaving a legacy is not an afterthought or an accident. Leaving a legacy requires one to live a legacy driven life. Today, as we experience global economic and social upheaval on an unprecedented scale, there is an immediate need for all corporate and national leaders to learn how to lead a legacy driven life themselves and encourage their teams to design and live their own personal legacies to ensure accelerated growth of individuals, corporations and nations. Learning Objectives: -The eternal quest for “true north” -Current planetary chaos and the path out of it -The power of one -The importance of a legacy driven life -The need to live a legacy, in order to leave a legacy -The V-factor™ and how it can help in designing a legacy -Wisdom from the power of some simple legacies The webinar is based on a critically acclaimed book, A Legacy Driven Life: Live a Legacy to Leave a Legacy, published by Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl®, LLC.
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Event Location: Virtual On-Line UNITED STATES
Contact Information:
Name: Wanda Sturm
Phone: 281.546.0753
E-mail: hdl.division@gmail.com

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