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ASQ Austin Social Networks

We are on the Internet!. Please click on each logo for obtaining more information about our social networks.  Joining these social networks would allow you to be in touch with colleagues and one of the most interesting ASQ communities NOTE: HOTSPOTS ARE NEEDED FOR THIS ILLUSTRATION

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2010-12-04: Galveston, Texas – ASQ Holiday Event

Member leaders from the Greater Houston Section 1405 and Bay Area Texas Section 1422 would like to invite you, members from nearby ASQ Sections, to a holiday gathering on Saturday, December 4, 2010, in Galveston, Texas. The 2010 Holiday at Galveston flyer contains all of the details. The 1405 and 1422 member leaders have planned […]

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2010-10-13: With the Best of Intentions …

Robert K. Henderson, MS and PhD degrees in Mathematical Statistics from Southern Methodist University and MBA from the University of Delaware, hold a session talking about that we have all probably experienced a situation where we did what we fully believed was the most appropriate thing to do only to have it later revealed to […]

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