Chair Message 2017

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Jim Johnstone

From The Chair

We had a great year in 2016, Our number of paying members is up, Our bank account is healthy and we were able to offer many events during 2016 that allowed you, our membership, to network, learn new skills and advance your quality career.  If you attended all of our events in 2016 you would have earned 3.9 RU’s toward maintaining your certifications.

There are a few things I think we can do better in 2017. One is our membership retention. We retain about two thirds of our membership every year. One third finds something better to do with their time and money. The graph below shows our membership population by years of membership.


We do a good a job at attracting new members but we are not so good at retaining them. In 2017 we have created a new position of YQP Chair. YQP stands for Young Quality Professional. In this case “Young” means “new to the Quality profession”.

The YQP chair mission is to mentor and connect YQP’s to the resources available inside our ASQ section and national organizations. The idea being that the more value you find in your ASQ membership, the more likely you are to renew it. Cindi Manning has agreed to serve in this role and with her experience in section and region affairs, is well equipped for the job. Contact Cindi if you need mentoring, have a question about accessing ASQ’s vast body of quality knowledge, or want to serve as a mentor.

Another thing we can do better is communication. Everyone gets a lot of email and ASQ regularly fills up our inboxes with stuff, some good and some not so much. The ASQ national organization has decided to cut their email in half in 2017. I think that is a good start. Our section would like to make it easier for you to learn what is going on as well, and we aim to get it all up on our web page so you can find out what is happening  when you need it and ignore it when you don’t, To that end, we are going to streamline our internal publicity process to make it easier for us to get events on the web site. We are also going to explore the use of the web service “Meet Up” Which allows us to communicate our events to subscribers both inside ASQ and outside, who enjoy attending our events.

Our 2017 section plans are to hold eight general meetings, some of which will be tours, and 1 annual dinner at the end of the year. The education Committee has already met and is planning at least 4 webinars that allow you to collect RU’s from the comfort of your home or office without having to travel.  Throw in a few social events here and there so we can get to know each other better and get to know our YQP’s.   Don’t forget about the Six Sigma Conference In February in nearby Phoenix and the World Conference on Quality in May in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I look forward to meeting more of you in 2017 in person and hearing your ideas on how we can improve our section and better meet your needs.

Jim Johnstone

ASQ Austin Section Chair

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